Struggling for ideas on how to entertain the kids? Look no further! Our activities section is waiting to set your imagination free. Here at Dream Bear, we know only too well how hard it can be to entertain your children when you are a lone parent especially as cost and odd numbers can often pose an issue when looking at certain activities. There is nothing worse than feeling embarrassed or out of your comfort zone when there are activities you want to take part in yet struggle to afford or that you feel are out of your reach.

Many single parents find that they lack confidence which in turn prevents them from doing certain activities with their children. Knowing that they could be the only single parent within a social setting, for example, may be very daunting and these restrictions may serve to hinder a parent and child’s life experiences together.

Taking part in an activity is not only a great way to have fun it also creates bonding time. From a parent’s point of view if you find a very active activity you could also be helping both your health and fitness levels by raising your energy levels, bettering your mood, increasing sleep quality, boosting self-esteem and lowering your risk of depression. Active children are also healthier children and often sleep better. What better reason is there than the promise of increasing health, happiness and well-being that will encourage you to start exploring those activities available to you?

The benefits of an active life together are vast for both parent and child. Here at Dream Bear we have selected activities ranging from ones around the home to outside adventures. Our activity section has been designed to help single parents source the very best (and most affordable) activities and entertainments. We have even compiled the best free hotspots across the UK. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan some fun!

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Around the Home

A comprehensive guide to help you find fun and affordable activities that will keep you and your little ones busy and amused without even leaving the house!

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Best is Free

Why spend money when you can easily enough come up with indoor and outdoor activities that get the whole family enjoying themselves for free.

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The great outdoors is there, it’s free and it’s available for people of all ages to enjoy and so we’ve dedicated this section to weekend trips, day trips, local adventures and more.

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Single parent holidays

Weekends are not meant for catching up on housework, the weekends are for fun and so we’ve dedicated this section to those times when a weekend away with the family is in order.

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