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Looking around the home and trying to conjure up some inspiration for play time? It can be so very easy to hand your child an iPad, pop a DVD on the TV or tell them to play on the computer with their latest game. We have all fallen into this trap at some point in our parenting life. As a single parent we all get tired and have down days and we all know that sometimes parenting may feel relentless at times. With this is mind occupying your child within the home can be a great way to keep the environment relaxed, happy and stress-free for everyone.

Despite spending the majority of our time in our houses we often find ourselves walking past or ignoring a mass of entertainment potential that we are not utilising to our advantage as a family. Imagination is key and looking online for ideas and inspiration can help you when playing indoors.

If you are looking to get your hands dirty or are looking for more creative / art and craft ideas such as making 3D shapes or creating an animal mask you'll find that we've compiled a great number of examples here at Dream Bear for you (we've chosen the ones we feel would be most popular with children and grown ups).

Some days we might want to be more relaxed, especially on a Sunday when we are winding down and getting ready for the new week ahead. With this is mind we have also included some easy (less noisy and messy) activities that you will find relaxing and not too taxing on your time. This is especially useful as a single parent when you are trying to juggle a few jobs at once such as washing, cooking and entertaining the kids all at the same time. Sometimes even a simple game of eye spy can become very creative and fun and also is a great game to play whilst multi-tasking.

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Creative Ideas

This section is dedicated to pulling out all of the stops when it comes to fun, imaginative and affordable creative play ideas for the whole family.

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Easy Fun

Explore this carefully put together section featuring a selection of fun activities for all of the family using bits and bobs from around the house only for hours of easy to arrange amusement.

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Messy Play

Children are meant to get messy and so we’ve put together some wonderfully fun messy play activities for inside and out, from mild hand washing mess to full on bath time messy fun.

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