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Whilst we understand not all single parents are struggling financially we do understand that budgeting and watching those all-important pennies is a top priority as a lone parent.

Heading out the door for an adventure with the children often costs you money for example transport to and from a place. This can be costly indeed and that’s before you have even paid for entry, food and souvenirs. These are the souvenirs your child will beg you for and then create a public display of alien break dancing whilst they shout and cry because you are the worst parent in the world for not buying them that cuddly animal (etc) that is as overpriced as the strawberries and cream at Wimbledon! Just to add salt to the wounds and another hole in your wallet, the souvenir will only get tossed under their bed and forgotten about once home. With this in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to bring you a list of our top FREE attractions across the UK.

Having school holidays and lots of days to entertain the children can become very costly and with careful planning and research, you can plan days out that the children will love without breaking the bank. We've included a range of free activities from active experiences such as parks to more educational experiences such as free entry to museums and workshops to help you with your day out planning.

We firmly believe that the best things do come for free whether they are snuggles on a sofa or free entry to community events. Even better, when you share these things with other parents you may also be able to share travel costs while encouraging social development for the children as part of a fun play day out and enjoy actual adult conversation for you. We consider this a win all round!

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Part of growing up and developing comes from being active and so we have put together a whole section dedicated to ways you can get your kids moving while having fun.

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Learning through play is a recognised method of positively encouraging learning and development according to the EYFS framework, childcare providers and top experts (the parents) which is why we’ve put together a section dedicated to educational play.

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Not all activities have to be done at full speed or full volume and so we’ve put together a collection of great ways for you, your children or everyone together to chill out and enjoy some relaxation.

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