What could possibly be better than educational play? Educational play that is free. Learning through play is a recognised form of educational play that helps little ones to develop valuable skills while having fun. We've come up with these enjoyable and educational ideas for free fun. Do you have any to add?

  • Play an educational game/app together on the tablet/console/your phone
  • Do some word- or maths-related puzzles: simple crosswords, word searches or Sudoku are good choices. You can find plenty of free ones online
  • Play a board game (here at Dream Bear we love Orchard Toys games and puzzles, let us know which ones you would recommend).
  • Play “shops” or “restaurants” together practising counting skills, literacy (labels) and even customer service. You could have a shop bell or use real food in your restaurant. This is also a good opportunity to teach your children about real money as long as you’re sure you’ll get it back…
  • Sit outside and look at the stars, and see if you can spot any constellations
  • Do some baking together and learn about weighing/measuring – it’s all maths practice
  • Choose a topic to do a project on (this is great for half term holidays and similar). maybe a project on France? Research buildings online or go to the library, enjoy some French food, make a flag, make a model Eiffel Tower and more
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