There are so many pleasures to gain from being outside in the fresh air, from keeping fit and active to improving our mood and educational experiences. We are probably all guilty of not spending enough time outside, instead opting for the more artificial gadgets like computers and TV’s to occupy us. We live in a new generation, a generation different to how many of us were brought up. If we wanted to have fun we had to leave the house and explore or make it ourselves.

In some ways, it is sad to think that as the world has developed and roads have become busier that parents today, those who grew up with such freedoms might be the last to do so. Few of our children will go out all day alone and come back when the streetlights go on!

It’s a different world now. Technology has taken over and its becoming increasingly difficult to get our children outdoors, enjoy time in the fresh air. While gadgets certainly have educational benefits there's really no substitute for outdoor fun, on both a social and psychological level. Just breathing in the fresh air and taking time away from the family home is so good for not only our children but our single parents too.

There are so many things you can do with the kids outside, whether it’s a national park, the beach, crazy golf; there is always something you can find to do, in spite of the weather. The beach or park may still be a great place for adventure in the winter months when accompanied by a good pair of wellingtons and a great imagination. Mud monsters in the forest will be a sure way of exciting the children and keeping them active. We have looked at local adventures, day trips and weekend trips that all involve the great outdoors. We feel the greatest experiences and pleasures can be found from exploring.

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Day Trips for Children

If you are stuck for inspiration and looking for somewhere to take the children look no further as this section is designed to help parents find affordable and fun day trips for the family.

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Local Adventures

If you haven’t explored your local area in a while don’t delay because as this section shows there may well be some gems hidden on your very doorstep in the form of some seriously fun days out, things to see, find and other activities.

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Weekend Trips

Weekends are not meant for catching up on housework, the weekends are for fun and so we’ve dedicated this section to those times when a weekend away with the family is in order.

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