Tara Talks: Support Small Business


I am keen to support small business. How many of you are running your own business? More and more people in the UK and around the world are turning to self-employment. For those looking for something that traditional employment can’t provide or those craving more flexibility might well find that running a business, freelancing, consulting or something else that falls under the self-employed umbrella could be for them.

I’m all about supporting small businesses if I can, whether that’s buying items from sole traders, shopping locally, shopping on platforms such as Etsy or buying via smaller traders online which is why I thought this might be a good topic for this Tara Talks blog post!

Shopping Local

If you can, shop local. This saves you time, travel money (public transport or a car, petrol and parking) and helps keep your local businesses going. Going for a coffee? Take your reusable cup to one of the independent tearooms or coffee shops. Looking for a book? Go to a book shop before a supermarket. See what your greengrocer and butcher, if you have one, can offer you. If you walk (if possible) you could increase your daily steps, your health and will probably buy less if you have to carry it.

Supporting Sole Traders

I’m all for supporting anyone with the drive to go it alone. Whether that’s freelance designing or selling children’s books, if I can help I will. Not everyone can afford to jump straight into business, setting up a business that immediately replaces their previous income. This is often where side hustles come in, side jobs or part-time business building. I applaud these men and women and will support anyone I can. Yes, even those that sell make-up or beauty produces via catalogues or run home parties. You make it any way that you can, even if it does mean starting small and working your way up.

Online Platforms

With the best will in the world, sometimes you are simply not going to find what you need in your own town or nearby. It might be that you can find what you need but the price is prohibitive. Shopping online is not a sell-out. Of course, we should support our bricks and mortar store but at the end of the day us single parents don’t have limitless amounts of spending money or the time to drive longer distances to support a business no necessarily local to us. We do what we can.

Fortunately, when shopping online there are loads of ways that you can still support small businesses. Ask for recommendations for what sites people like to use, do your own research, look at Etsy and you might be surprised by how affordable this type of shopping can be and how it is a great way to find some really unique items.

Support Small Business Without Spending

With the best will in the world, supporting small businesses is great but if you’re on a super tight budget, you just have to shop or use whatever services are most cost-effective. That’s ok! You can help small businesses in other ways. Tell people about them. Word of mouth marketing can work wonders. Share, like and comment on their social media pages and basically just do what you can. I’m sure that business owners and other sole-traders will be grateful for anything you can do.

Support Small Business: In Conclusion

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not immune to the lure of next day delivery from Amazon and what not however, I really am making a real effort to support small business wherever I can. What difference do you find shopping local or shopping small has on your life, your budget and your community? Do you have top tips for ways to further support small business owners and keep our high streets and our online small businesses going? None of us can change the world along however if we all try and make small changes they will all soon start to add up.


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