Single Daddies

Dream Bear is not a site for women, it is a site for single parents, be they male or female. It could be that as a father you have found yourself parenting alone after the loss of a partner, after a break-up or for whatever reason. Whether you are a man or a woman single parenting can be blooming hard and here at Dream Bear we are here to help, regardless of the who, what or whys.

For single daddies we are here to offer help and support with everything from meal planning to budgeting, support groups, starting school and everything else. Our aim is to be a one stop shop for useful information and guidance, as well as first-hand experiences on and around all aspects of being a single parent.

Sometimes single dads find themselves facing different challenges and certainly battling unfair perceptions. We believe that single parenting is difficult enough without any of that nonsense and as such aim to build a dedicated section on the difficulties that single dads may need support with as well as the more generic problems, worries and concerns of lone parenting with everything from finance to time management, balancing work and home, childcare and more.

Being a single parent can be exhausting and lonely. That time alone also gives you ample opportunity (while juggling an impossible number of tasks) to brood on your loneliness as well as worrying about….. everything. This site is a place full of like-minded individuals who have been where you are, or are finding their way through and so is an ideal place to realise that lone parenting doesn’t need to be lonely. Whatever your situation, where you live, how many children you have and whether you are struggling or not Dream Bear has something to offer.

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