Talking About Motivation

Top Tips for Boosting Motivation

Do you ever get to the point where you seem to have so much to do and yet just can’t seem to get yourself motivated to do it? Do you want to do something for yourself, such as start a home study course or similar but your get up and go seems to have got up and beggared off? Don’t worry if this sounds like you, it sounded much like us at one point or another and we managed to get off our bums and put this ever growing website and community together.

Have a look at these top tips for boosting your motivation levels, before you know it you’ll be roaring and ready to go!

Make a List
As simple as it sounds making a list can be very motivational, especially when you can see what you need to achieve and start ticking them off. Getting started is the hard part so choose some easy tasks first and once you see tasks disappearing you’ll be encouraged to crack on.
When it comes to getting started start small. Once you start to find your rhythm again go for the biggest and least attractive job on the list first. Once that monster has been dealt with everything else will seem like a breeze.

Organise Your Time
Our section on time management and organisation will tell you everything you need to know about effectively managing your time. Briefly however what you need to do is find a system, a diary, an app, lists or whatever works for you that helps you record what needs doing, to reduce or eliminate distractions and find creative ways to get things done most efficiently. Just knowing what’s what, where you need to be or what you need to doing (and when) takes away the overwhelming feeling of it all being too much and so is a great way to kickstart your motivation.

Sing and Dance
We aren’t joking! Cleaning (for example) is a chore however when you have your favourite tunes blasting around the house (or playing very quietly so as not to wake a sleeping child), everything naturally seems that much easier and most definitely more pleasant. All that activity will also help you meet your health goals; namely to be well and feel well.

Set Goals and Enjoy Rewards
Set yourself goals and milestones. Don’t make them too big or they might seem too far out of reach.
Let's look at sorting your home out for example. Make a list of all of the rooms and then a list of the tasks within each room. Set time aside for each item/task on the list and celebrate when you tick little ones off (a fancy hot chocolate or yummy snack) and most definitely when you hit a big goal such as clearing the whole room.

Still Struggling?
These tips will work for the majority of people but not everyone. Perhaps you have additional barriers which are preventing you from enjoying the benefits of being motivated and getting things done. If so this is where you need to look to your support system, be it a friend or family member or a healthcare provider to help you with what you need to get back on track.

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