Our pregnancy section is here to guide you every step of the way. From the moment that pregnancy test confirms a positive result right up until the delivery of your newborn. We know first hand how hard it is to go through a pregnancy as a single parent, therefore, this section is designed to support and guide you through each stage such as the week by week of pregnancy, feelings of loneliness, lifestyle changes and many more.

Pregnancy should a deliriously happy time, however, when your nine months are fraught with worry about your finances, what you will do about work and childcare on top of sore breasts, morning sickness, tiredness and quite possibly piles we can understand that the glimmer of excitement might start to dim a bit. Here at Dream Bear, we are here to help put that spring back in your step, to virtually holding back your hair while you vomit, to share cravings grosser than your own, plan the nursery, share your excitement over scan news and measurements and more.

If you are looking for baby name inspiration, where to find the best baby bargains or simply want to know that there others doing what you are doing or have had a baby on their own and are doing just fine you are in the right place. Here we share the highs and the lows, the funny bits and the scary parts of being pregnant and single. As well as sharing stories we offer a huge amount of information on everything from benefits, exercise and diet during pregnancy, top tips and more.

Being pregnant may be stressful at times, particularly if you feel alone, however, this is the whole point of Dream Bear, for single parents or single parents to be to see that they really aren’t alone, that there are others out there who “get it” and that at the end of the everything really is going to be ok. Regardless of where you are in your pregnancy, we have your back!

Mental Health

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis gravidarum goes above and beyond what even fairly nasty morning sickness offers and so it is important that you understand what it is, how to look after yourself and when to recognise that you need support from others.

Labour & Birth

Labour & Birth

We’ll tell you everything you’ll read in the books (only better) and much more besides, from the first signs of labour, c-section experiences, induction and more right the way through to holding that beautiful baby (or babies!).

Pregnancy Worries

Pregnancy Worries

Worrying about your children starts pretty much as soon as you find out you’re pregnant and never really ends and so this section is here to calm the worries and niggles surrounding pregnancy and will offer guidance and support throughout.

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