About Us

Dream Bear and Us:

In 2010 I was working within the children’s and families sector for social services and had not long graduated with honours in Education Studies. My life was on track and I was happy with the path I was travelling, I also had a clear goal in mind of completing my Masters in Sociology. However, as we all know, life does not always go according to plan and not only did I find out that I was pregnant with my first baby I was also dealt the blow that the father wanted no involvement. A decision that he has always maintained. At the age of 27, I found myself a single mum to my first child Isla Mae.

Becoming a single parent has shown me what hard work is all about. I have battled an extremely difficult pregnancy alone, suffered post-natal depression and struggled with sole responsibility and a total change of lifestyle. But whilst going through all of this alone, on my unplanned and unexpected journey, I have learnt more than university and my degree could ever have taught me. These life experiences have made me curious and inquisitive about the world of lone parenting and, whilst some will see the negatives, I have always strived to see the positives. The double love you get from your child does not compare and the pride one feels as a single parent is immense.

You could say it was my curiosity that helped me create Dream Bear, but I truly believe as a spiritualist that this was my path and true destiny. At 3 months old Isla-Mae attached herself to a teddy bear I had received as a free gift when I purchased a bed from Dreams bed store. This bear stands at about 2 feet tall and from the moment they met they have been inseparable! He is her best friend, comforter, pillow, and absent father. His name is… Dream Bear! When I decided to create a network to help single parents I really struggled with what to call it. I wanted to make sure both single mothers and single fathers were acknowledged as I truly believe that those wonderful daddies out there do not get mentioned enough. As I sat thinking one day I looked at Dream Bear and asked him “what do you think?” And suddenly it clicked! Dream Bear is not only my daughters best buddy he is also a big support to me and therefore it seemed only too fitting to brand this network after him……after all he does make dreams come true!  A dream that was truly accomplished in December 2013 when I won Richard Branson’s Back of an Envelope, top business idea, this further cemented my purpose.

The Dream Bear website has been created with my vision of helping source all the information a single parent could need, from single parent holidays down to pregnancy worries. We want to create a network through our forum where single parents can come to chat – or rant – and not feel so alone or isolated. We LOVE our single daddies and mummies and look forward to engaging with you here at Dream Bear. We have monthly newsletters, articles on current issues affecting single parents and lots of fun information that will keep you happy and hopefully make you smile! Dream Bear wants all single parents to feel valued, welcomed and part of a community. So come on in, the kettle’s on!