Creative Play Ideas

Here at Dream Bear we believe that as single and often working parents that the time we spend with our child is precious and should be used wisely. We hope to provide inspiration for creative play activities that will see children spending less time playing on tablets and game stations (not that a little digital time can't be beneficial in its own right) and more time on engaging and creative play.

Creative play allows children to express their emotions which are particularly useful if there is turmoil within the family home as upsets may be caused by something as basic as routine changes. Finding a suitable emotional outlet allows both children and adults the opportunity to express their feelings through creative play. For some children expressing their emotions through arts is easier than talking. As your children get older arts and crafts require more complex thinking skills which they may also transfer to other areas of their life.

Creative play also encourages socialising and relationship building which in turn helps with development. The benefits of creative play are endless for example concentration levels may be improved and fine motor skills further developed. This type of play may also be incredibly cathartic.

The best thing about creative play is that it doesn’t have to be expensive which makes it a great choice of activity for lone parents. There are some basic materials that you will find useful and need such as crayons, chalk, paints, coloured paper, scissors and glue and these are the staple ingredients for your creative play box. One of the most amazing opportunities that creative play produces is the opportunity to allow your child to simply create. This proves the perfect opportunity for your child to express themselves in a safe and supporting environment. Please just bear in mind there will be some mess but a nice cup of tea once the kids have gone to bed should help you recover!

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