Swimming Lessons for Children: Costs and Benefits


Swimming lessons for children offer a range of health and social benefits and might be more affordable than you’d expect them to be.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits
There are many benefits associated with children starting swimming lessons, not least the focus on health and exercise. Children too need to maintain a reasonably active lifestyle alongside a healthy diet in order to grow and develop properly.

Swimming lessons are also a great way to boost confidence and in the UK regular swimming lessons with a qualified teacher means that their progress is assessed, that they move up classes as they learn and dependant on what scheme your local pool uses for lessons they may earn certificates and badges too. These achievements should most definitely be celebrated and are great for boosting self-esteem.

On top of these benefits, most children find it a fun activity, both the lessons themselves and family pool time outside of the group.

An Important Life Skill
Swimming is considered an important life skill, particularly as it enables children and adults to be around water and be safe, to understand the risks and the rules and to help safeguard others. As swimming classes advance your children will learn not only to swim but skills to help them if they fall into a body of water and more. For older children lifeguard skills lessons and qualifications are often available.

The Social Aspect
While you may opt for private lessons (1-1 sessions) for your child usually swimming lessons are taught in groups. This is a great way to form new friendships and foster some positive competitive spirit. As well as celebrating their own successes children start to recognise how well their peers are doing and sometimes comment on that too. Any time spent learning with peers is an opportunity to practice social skills.

It Might Be More Affordable Than You Think
Swimming lessons might actually be cheaper than you think. One of our DB Mums, for example, pays £22 a month for weekly lessons which works out at £5.50 a session and also entitles her son to swim in the public swim for free whenever he likes (do check your local pool for their prices). There are however a number of ways to make lessons cheaper, such as becoming a member of the pool or leisure centre. Cut-price lessons and more are also offered to children whose parent/s are in receipt of certain benefits so this too might be worth checking out.

There are so many more reasons to enrol your child in swimming lessons that there are not. Do your children attend swimming groups? Do you have any top tips (other than remembering the right coin for the locker!) or have any experiences to share?



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