Top Time Management Tips for Parents


These top time management tips for parents should help you organise yourself better so that you have more time for the things that you love.

Whomever decided that twenty-four hours in a day was enough time to get everything done was most definitely not a single parent. Seeing as we are stuck with only so many hours per day to fit everything in it pays to be organised which is where these top tips may help.

Know How Much Time You’re Using
The best way to cut out things that waste precious minutes during the day is to know what they are! Keep a time diary for a typical week, recording how long you spend shopping, how long your travel times are (work, school), how much time you spend tidying etc. Once you have all of this you should pretty quickly get a good idea of what is eating away at your time. Our top time management tips are all about identifying wasted time and making your life easier.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place
How much time do you waste looking for something, be it a school note, a pen, whatever? Lost time spent searching could be put to better use elsewhere so next time you have a good declutter and reorganise the home do it with this in mind.

Use a Diary
Whether you are an app person or prefer a traditional diary or calendar make sure you use one and keep it up to date. When you record everything you have to do and everywhere you have to be you can group together activities to save time, for example, if X is at dance class on the other side of down on Saturday morning that would be the ideal time to do the errands you have there, rather than travelling there especially.

Consider Online Shopping
If food shopping eats away at your time, both the time you spend travelling to and from the store and actually shopping consider shopping online. Most supermarkets offer home delivery at a very reasonable cost or you could sign up to their delivery saver to get it delivered very cheaply. All of your usual buys will be saved ready for you to add to basket and once you get the hang of it you’ll be saving time and money.

If a large chunk of your day is made up of picking up after others and dealing with the never-ending laundry, dishes, tidying and more it is time you learned to delegate. Let the children earn their pocket money and for little ones consider matching socks and similar an educational activity rather than a chore.

Organise the Kitchen
If you have a freezer batch cooking can be an absolute live saver, both from a grocery budget point of view as well as a time-saving one. Batch cooking stews, soups, bolognese and more to freeze for later makes life so much easier and saves precious minutes. Consider investing in a slow cooker too. It takes just a few minutes to throw your ingredients in the pot then you switch it on and it slow cooks while you are busy shopping, working, whatever. One pot slow-cooked teas are the best, more tasty way to save on cookery time.


Consider What is Important
Does it matter if the house is 100% tidy all the time, if every single meal is cooked from scratch or if every weed is immediately pulled up as it appears in the garden? Give yourself a break from time to time and really think about what you are trying to fit into your day and consider whether everything needs to be done. Do you need to dust every second day? Probably not and time saved on unnecessary tasks may be spent on something else or better yet more quality time with your family and important relaxation for you.

What are your top time management tips? We’d love to hear!



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