Making Money: How to Cash in with Cashback When Shopping


Believe it or not, you can actually earn cashback on much of your shopping. There are a number of cashback sites around however today we’re using the well-known Quidco as a prime example of the benefits of using such sites and tools. Making money this way requires very little effort and no outlay (other than the money you would have been spending on your shopping or services anyway).

How Does it Work?
Say for example you want to buy some items from Boots the Chemist. Instead of going to their website you simply go to Quidco, search for Boots, follow the link to their website and shop as normal. Your transaction and spend amount is tracked and you receive a percentage back in cashback, dependent on how much that particular retailer is offering.

Basically, you can earn money for doing the shopping that you normally would be doing.

How Much Can You Earn
The sky is the limit in terms of ongoing earnings, provided you don’t try and abuse the system. You can’t, for example, make an order, have the cashback track then return the order and still receive the money. That said you can earn a fair amount which again depends on how much you spend and what level of cashback individual stores are offering.

Other Benefits
There are other ways to earn or save with cashback sites too. Don’t just looking at making money via cashback on your shopping you can also cash in when you buy insurance, open a bank account and much more.

You will also find vouchers and codes to shave money off your order when browsing the retailer pages which again makes your shopping experience all the more affordable. Quidco runs a number of other features such as ClickSnap and Quidco Opinions, both of which are worth looking into.

A Word of Warning
The wrong way to shop is to browse Quidco for bargains and cashback only without looking elsewhere first. You may well find what you are looking for cheaper somewhere else, even taking into account the cashback you might get. If the best deals for you are via Quidco featured retailers then great but don’t forget to have a good browse around to check if items are cheaper via another retailer first. These tips are about making money and saving money so ensure you aren’t paying more out just so you can go through Quidco.

Cashback is never guaranteed as at the end of the day it is down to the retailer to authorise and approve each transaction. That said cashback does tend to be fairly reliable, although some take longer to process and pay out than others.

Make sure that you check the Quidco terms and conditions before starting to use the site so that you are aware of how your account / the site works, how you may be paid and to find out more about cashback and special offers in general. 

Quidco is just one of many cashback sites and services so do shop around.


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