Making Extra Money to Boost Your Budget


Raising a family is expensive and as a single dad finding the funds for everything you need can be a push at times. We’ve looked at savvy shopping, ensuring you claim your benefits and more however sometimes it might be worthwhile looking at other ways to increase your income by making extra money.

Sell Your Unwanted Items
Car boots sales, Facebook buy sell sites and similar are great ways to get rid of your unwanted items. It is well worth having a good sort out in the attic or the garage and having a good declutter from time to time as not only will you have more space, you’ll have more in your pocket. There are a number of other online sites such as Mazuma Mobile for recycling old phones and technology, We Buy Books for books and Music Magpie for CDs, games, DVDs and more. These are however just a few of the sites you could use so make sure you have a good look around to see who offers the best rates.

Enjoy the Benefits of Cashback
Spending is often unavoidable when it comes to being a parent, and when you can can’t buy secondhand search for retailers through cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashback to see if you could get as good a deal via their recommended retailers and earn yourself some cashback on your purchases. You can even get cashback on services such as insurance, SKY TV and more. This can soon add up to a significant amount.

Be Rewarded for your Loyalty
If you use loyalty cards for places such as Boots, have a Nectar card or a supermarket cards or member scheme take advantage of the points and vouchers you get back. Tesco for example offer customers the chance to double up their lubcard vouchers every three months to use in their Boost promotion both in store and online. Depending on what you want to use them for you could even use them for up to four time their face value.

Online Surveys
There are a number of research companies crying out for people to test products and/or answer survey questions, all things that you can do in your own home. Some allow you to join and start immediately while others have a waiting list. Look up Prolific Academic, Pinecone Research for more ways to enjoy making extra money from home.

What About the Taxman?
HMRC have produced some excellent guidance which clears up the grey area around selling items from home and whether you should register as self employed. Remember that all income is potentially taxable so make sure you know which camp you fall into and keep records of all income and expenses when making extra money.

It is not very difficult to earn a little extra from home or after work however in order to avoid getting into trouble down the line make sure that you are on the right side of the HMRC and avoid the many work from home scams that are doing the rounds. Some are easy to spot while some are more difficult and could end up costing you money.



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