Buying For a New Baby: Choose New or Go For Preloved?


When it comes to buying for a new baby it can feel like the list of things you need to buy seems enormous. When you really think about what you need rather than what the magazines say you will need your list does become more manageable.

When it comes to baby buying on a budget it pays to shop around and to consider buying some items second-hand or pre-loved to save money. When a baby uses a baby bath for example for such a relatively short time it makes sense to buy used rather than brand new.

Deciding what items you should buy new and which used can, however, be difficult as you want the very best for your little one and yet have a budget to stick to. This handy guide should help you decide what should be new and what could be pre-loved.

Clothes, Towels, Bedding and Blankets
Soft items such as these that can be washed are fine to buy second-hand and doing so will save you a small fortune. Some people might turn their nose up at second-hand clothing etc however when you think about it how many people have tried on an item in-store before it is returned to the rail for someone else to buy it and take it home?

Cot Mattresses
The Lullaby Trust recommends buying a new mattress of an appropriate type instead of a pre-used one to reduce the risk of SIDS. While the link between pre-used mattresses and SIDS hasn’t been proven 100% there has been some evidence that suggests it might have an impact. You can read more about their guidance here.

Toys, Furniture, Baby Baths Etc
Anything that can be properly cleaned / sterilised is fine to buy second hand, be that a plastic toy or a breast pump kit.

Car Seats
It is recommended that you do not buy a second hand car seat. You can’t guarantee that a previously used seat hasn’t been in a crash and even minor damage can affect the stability and safety of the seat. More information on car seat buying may be found here.

Prams and Pushchairs
One of the biggest spends on the baby buy list, prams and pushchairs can really push your budget to the limit. Buying these second hand is absolutely fine and will save you a fortune. Make sure that you inspect anything you buy carefully and wash and replace all removal parts before use. If you are buying a travel system which includes a car seat the car seat rules above to still apply so bear this in mind.

Where to Buy
If you are looking for pre-loved items there are a great number of places you can find these. Charity shops, Ebay and Facebook buy and sell groups are all great examples of where you can find bargain buys when buying for a new baby. NCT nearly new sales (find locations and dates on their website) also operate in most areas and they are fabulous for finding great condition, very affordable items from prams and pushchairs to cots, highchairs, breast pumps, baby clothes and more.

What was on your “must have”  list when buying for a new baby and what did you choose to buy new and which items pre-loved?


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