Laundry Time Saving Tips: Spending Less Time Doing Housework



We expect this laundry time saving tips article to prove quite popular. If, like most of us at Dream Bear HQ, you find the constant and ongoing cycle of laundry something of a bind we might be able to help. No, we don’t offer free laundry services (sorry!) but we do have some tried and tested tips and tricks to help lighten the load!

  • Don’t wash every day. Unless you absolutely need to let the washing baskets fill up a little before putting the washer on, doing a full load rather than a smaller one saves you more energy-wise and time.
  • Don’t wash at all. Before you throw something in the wash basket think about whether or not it really needs to be washed. Some people prefer a completely new set of clothes every day, some are happy for t-shirts to get a second wear and jeans and jumpers longer.  Do towels need washing every day? If you have your heating on or an airer handy your hair drying towels, for example, could probably be used at least once more. You just need to teach your kids the new rules about how long things might last before needing to be re-washed.
  • Make your children wear crumpled clothes. This isn’t as mean as it sounds. If like many of us at Dream Bear UK you are fed up of sending clothes up with older children only to find them back in the wash because they have become creased because they were thrown in the bottom of the wardrobe instead of hung up this is a good way to teach them!
  • If you have a tumble dryer use the minimum time and temperature setting and as soon as clothes come out hang them up. Doing this vastly reduces the need to iron, often eliminating it altogether. Clothes on hangers on a door handle, over chairs or on a clothing rail nearby if you have room may be taken straight to wardrobes and hung up (even teens can manage this).
  • Get the kids to do it. A child is never too young to help around the house, particularly in training for jobs you aren’t keen on. They usually love helping when they are very young and earning digital time or using laundry tasks as part of a chore list before pocket money is earned is a great idea all round. Little hands are great at separating darks and lights, pairing socks and more. Older children make great clothes-folders and are skilled at carrying dirty washing down and clean up. Teens, of course, are a magical breed as if properly trained as they can even iron! These are all valuable life skills for them and free up time for you.
  • Don’t Be Cheap. Despite the fact that we have a HUGE money saving section on Dream Bear we do want you to think carefully about what washing liquid or powder you use. If you buy the very cheapest value product and find your whites are quickly grey and need rewashing or pre-treating it is false economy. Choose a decent brand you like and get it when on offer or experiment until you find the cheapest brand that works the best for you.

Do you have any different ideas for making washing easier? If so our other parent readers (and the staff!) would love to hear so feel free to leave a comment below.


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