Sex Education/Girl Talk and Single Dads: Information Sources & Advice


Whether you like it or not your little girl will at some point start to grow, develop and hit puberty. As a single dad with sole or primary custody that means it is your job to have the information ready and on hand when the time comes to have The Talk (there are several talks by the way, menstruation, sex education and more).

The title of this section might actually be a little misleading as it suggests dads might need some special training to talk to girls about girl things or sex education from a female’s point of view but that isn’t what this section is about, after all, what do you think mums do when faced with a winkle-related question? Not having one themselves or having gone through male body changes they look it up and that’s what you will have to do.

Did you know that primary schools have a national personal, social and health education/relationships and sex education programme? This is taught right from the beginning of their first days as is age-appropriate. They cover everything from friendships up to the differences between boys and girl and onto puberty-related issues. Parents are kept informed of their individual school’s programme and you may always ask to see a copy ahead of time. Where videos are used many schools have a special screening in advance for parents so that they are aware of what their child will be shown/told /taught. Again, liaise with the school for this information.

There are a number of fantastic resources for talking to children about personal development, including the Growing Up Girls title from Usborne books (tried and tested by Dream Bear members) amongst others. A boy’s version is also available.

Having armed yourself with the information you need, checked you are in tandem with the school where appropriate and when you feel your child is ready (or they ask!) just make sure that you are open and honest and let her know that she can always come to you with any questions regarding sex education, puberty or anything else.



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