Tara Talks: Green Living


Today I’m writing about green living. We’ve all seen the news reports, the articles and the blog posts about global warming. Many of us are seeing the effects. We were horrified to see images in the news of seas full of rubbish and a dead whale full of plastic. Isla-Mae has heard about all of this at school and we’ve discussed these environmental issues a lot too.

We’re making a real effort at home and in our everyday habits to try and do our bit to reduce plastic usage and all together be more environmentally friendly. Some of these green living efforts we’ve been doing for a while and some we are getting started with or looking to try. What do you do to be more “green”?

Recycle (Not Just on Bin Day)

We have been separating our rubbish constantly for years, ever since the council introduced recycling collections, and even before then. There are other ways that we can all recycle too. Clothing can be reused by donating it to charity shops or donating via clothing bins. Items around your home can be given to others via Freecycle rather than sent to landfill too. I know people who have rehomed furniture, playpens, electrical goods and more. With Freecycle everything offered is free, you just need to pick it up. Have a look into Freecycle ad check if there are any local groups near you. They are great for the environment and your budget!  

Reuse items where you can and even consider regifting things you’ve received, as long as there’s no way that you can cause offence. Anything you can recycle or use in any way means less waste.

Green Living: In the Bathroom

When I really looked around my bathroom recently I had to take stock of the vast amount of waste and hard to recycle items I had in there! So much plastic, which as many of you know can take hundreds of years to fully decompose and costs the environment dearly in the process. Here are a few changes we have implemented or plan to. Again, please let me know if you have more! Our green living awareness is something of a steep learning curve but we’re getting there and welcome any and all info you have to share.

Cotton Buds and Bamboo Toothbrushes

Cotton buds represent so much plastic! We have found some fabulous alternative items for those looking to commit to green living, including recyclable cotton buds. Bamboo toothbrushes look great but be careful when buying to check what the bristles are made from and whether the ones that you are choosing can be recycled. As an added bonus these eco-friendly toothbrushes are great for children and adults, coming in different varieties i.e soft bristles, medium etc.

Soap bars

This is a big one for us. We are slowly but surely looking to change to soap bars instead of using shower gels, shampoo and even conditioner (eventually). These are available without any harmful plastic wrapping and come in recyclable packaging. Using soap bars also means using fewer chemicals so while using them all the time will take some getting used to I expect them to be healthier for us too. Hair soap and body soap we’re doing ok with but I’m struggling to find a conditioner bar that really works for my hair especially. I’ll keep on looking!

Showers Not Baths

I love a bath and have no intention of giving up on them altogether but by switching to fewer baths and more showers we are using less water, less energy and therefore are reducing our carbon footprint slowly but surely. Lots of little changes can go a long way!

Shopping Habits

Thankfully with more and more eco brands out there every day it is easier and cheaper than ever to buy everyday products, from cleaning supplies to recycled loo roll while keeping within budget. I have reusable bags stashed in my car and handbag so I don’t forget to use them and will walk to shops instead of using the car where possible.

I’m also interested in finding stores which promote less packaging or even someone that allows you to take your own containers and refill with products straight from big containers. Do you have any of these types of shops near you? Do you find them good value for money as well as being something that helps tick the green living box?

Research is still ongoing into how I can shop in a more environmentally friendly way!

Green Living: Onwards and Upwards

Isla-Mae and I have made some small changes so far. We’re looking at how we do our laundry next. For us, this is work that is ongoing. I’m amazed at how much she already understands about the planet and how it is our job to protect and nurture it, not litter it and destroy it! We’ll keep researching more ways to take our green living challenge to the next level and would love to hear from you about any changes you have made.


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