Secondary School: Moving From Primary School to High School: 4Kids


Moving up to secondary school can be extremely exciting but also a little strange. In Year 6 you are the oldest children in the school, the top dogs! Once you start secondary school you become the youngest again. There’s a lot to get used to, many changes and things might seem weird for a while however secondary school can also be pretty awesome too.

Preparing to Move to Secondary School
Don’t worry about being thrown into secondary school without a clue about what’s going on. Your primary school will help you prepare and you’ll usually have the opportunity to do some visits with your local school before you go. Some children go for a day or two and some year six children get to have a full week at high school while still at primary school. Cool!

As well as school visits there are often open evenings where you and your parents/carers get to have a look around the school and see some of the things that go on (there will probably be year seven children there to show you around who know what it’s like to move from primary to secondary school).

Your primary school will talk to you loads about moving up and you’ll have all the information you need that is specific to your new school.

Often secondary schools have a uniform that is more formal than primary school. You might have to wear a blazer or school colours and you will likely have to wear a tie. It’s your responsibility to look after your uniform and make sure you stay smart. Your uniform will be named but that doesn’t mean you can leave it or your PE kit hanging around as otherwise it’ll get lost.

School Lunches
At high school you will have the choice of packed lunches and school dinners the same way you do at primary school. Talk to your parents/carers about your options. Often when you got to high school there are many different meals to choose from as well as puddings and drinks. You have to make sure that what you have enough money for what you want to choose. Some schools allow your parents to pay online and you pay for your dinner with a thumb print or special code (cool or what?) but you’ll have all this information before you start and remember, all the other year sevens will be new and doing it for the first time too. You definitely have more choices when you go to secondary school.

One things many children find weird when they start secondary school is that all of a sudden you seem to get a lot of homework. Thankfully you’ll get a planner or similar that you can use to write down what the homework is and when it’s due so you don’t forget anything. Our top tip (and many year seven children would agree) is to do your homework the night you get it and straight after you get home or straight after tea.
This means:

  • Your lesson is still fresh in your mind which makes it easier.
  • You don’t end up rushing it the night before it is due.
  • If you get it over and done with you can chill out for the rest of your evening.

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Being Organised
A large part of being at secondary school and one of the major changes is the fact that you are more responsible for your own things and your own timetable. Don’t worry, you’ll get help with this to start with. Your timetable will tell you what class you need to be in and by when and you will have somewhere to write down your homework and when it is due in. You’ll have lots of books and folders for different subjects and your PE kit, cooking stuff and probably clothes for drama too. You’ll soon get into the habit of only taking into school what you need for that day and leaving the rest at home or in your locker for when they’re needed.

 Clubs and Activities
The fab thing about secondary school is that you have access to more sports, drama clubs, music lessons, choir, IT clubs and more. Many of these clubs happen at lunch time while some are after school. This is a great opportunity to try something new.

New Friends
When you start secondary school you will usually meet lots of new people. Not only will you see the children from your own school but children from other local primary schools and children who are already at high school. You get to keep your old friends and make new ones.

You do not get your head flushed down the loo. You will not be glued to your seat in art. The maths teacher doesn’t really keep the bones of monsters in his cupboard to throw at children who don’t do their homework.

Children at secondary school love to tell those still in primary school all sorts of horrors about what happens in big school. It makes them sound clever and people love teasing. Our advice is to make up your own mind about high school and not to listen to those who tell you that the English teacher is a witch and the cook serves up worms instead of spaghetti (who would fall for that one?)!

Best of All
You are about to start a whole new chapter of your life. You’ll learn so much, do so much cool stuff and meet loads of new people. Some changes are harder to get used to but there are people there who will help you with that and so will those at home.

Enjoy the adventure!


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