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If your little one is at nursery or school you may well already be familiar with Twinkl for Parents, a subscription website full of learning and fun activities loved by children and grown-ups alike. Twinkl run an educational website that supplies print-offs of worksheets for teachers to use, certificates that may be edited, displays and more.

Education from Home
What many people don’t realise is that these resources are also fabulous for parents to use as you may practice everything from maths to topic work, from the EYFS stage (nursery/preschool) up to secondary school. If you want to help your little ones with homework, with number or letter recognition and more Twinkl offers a wide range of resources. With there now being a package for parents (there are some free downloads however the bulk is only available to download for paying members) mums and dads now have access too.

While here at Dream Bear we are fans of the good old-fashioned freebie we have to admit that with the cheapest package starting from just *£29.99 (for the entire year) it is worth considering, especially considering how much you have access to. There are other packages which offer additional resources too. Which one you might consider would depend on what you were looking for.

Fun Learning and Activities From Home
Great for helping with homework and learning, many of the Twinkl resources are just fabulous for fun activities. They host seasonal puzzles, cut out and make projects, colouring in sheets and much more. One of our team has used Twinkl for a while and is quite the fan.

I knew about Twinkl as our childminder used their resources and my oldest enjoyed them at school.  It was only when browsing for some free downloads (I’ve spent far too many hours searching the internet for these things, often finding that just don’t print properly) that I realised that parents could become members too.

We have had SO much fun with Twinkl so far, from making Christmas decorations, Chinese New Year lanterns, enjoying Easter activities and more. I have two in school now (one in Reception, one in Year 5) and both use the downloads for fun learning. My eldest especially found their section on Ancient Benin which was his topic recently so helpful when it came to homework! He printed off the Benin themed pages to do work on and used the resources to answer a lot of his questions and to base his project on (we’d not had much luck with Google).

We don’t especially use a lot more ink than we used to as I’ve always printed off worksheets and rainy day activities for them however it is handy to be able to choose black and white versions if you’re wanting to hold onto your colour cartridges.

I must admit that I thought £29.99 was a lot at first glance but seeing as both of mine use it, and we use it for house decoration, learning, fun and more it has saved me a fortune in buying workbooks, rainy day magazines and more. It’s definitely worth a look, even if you don’t decide to subscribe to it.

Here at Dream Bear we love to hear about anything that might benefit parents and children and Twinkl seems to tick all of the boxes. Have you used Twinkl? We’d love to hear what your opinion of it is if you have.

*Dream Bear do not endorse Twinkl. We are simply sharing information and resources which may be useful. Please visit the Twinkl website for more information and contact Twinkl with any questions you might have. Prices correct at the time of publishing.


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